My passion for photography ignited in 1998 when I finished the graphic arts course at the Vale do Rio professional school.

What started as a simple hobby quickly became my main activity. From daily life to professionalism was one step, from hobby to profession, another; from workshops to courses, the continuous investment was what brought me here, to my place, on the other side of the lens.


With a small photography studio in Estoril, I have the pleasure of working with different people and projects that include: corporate events, catalogs, campaigns, and more. Although part of my professional path, prior to photography, was essentially linked to the organizing of events, it is also to this that I owe the attentive look to detail and experience of the place.

If photography is due to the moment and is the registering of the instant, my connection to the ephemerality of each event could only lead me to photojournalism. Even so, only registration is static, everything else progresses, advances, changes, and I too have been, over time, developing different looks, different photographers.

Today I dedicate myself to photography with all that it has on offer, be it planes or scales, movements or pauses, crowds or portraits. From interior to exterior, from organizations to families, from private to public, what always prevails is this photographic look and the will to make the instant a moment that remains.